Travel Health & Vaccinations

Traveling to new destinations offers exciting opportunities for exploration and adventure. However, it’s essential to prioritize your health, well-being before embarking on these journeys and avoid those debilitating travellers’ diarrheas.

Did you know that approximately up to 70% of travelers experience health problems during their trips, many of which can be prevented by vaccination?

Book your Travel Health Consultation and Vaccination appointments at before your trip! is Canada’s first marketplace for travel clinics. This marketplace allows travelers to access the closest travel clinic based on the post code and look up the most up to date destination risk via the interactive travel health guide.

This collaboration between ACTA and SafeTravelsHealth allows us to emphasize the importance of comprehensive travel health services, making it easier for travelers to access vital information and medical resources. By prioritizing travel health, you can minimize the risks associated with various diseases and illnesses that may be prevalent in different regions. We strongly encourage all travelers to consult travel health experts, avail themselves of necessary vaccinations, receive proper medical advice, and stay informed about health-related guidelines specific to their chosen destinations. Your well-being matters to us, and together with our trusted partners, we strive to ensure that your travel experiences are not only memorable but also safe and healthy.