ACTA’s Code of Best Practices

ACTA Retail, Certified and Independent Travel Agent Members agree that, when dealing with the public, they will use their best endeavors to apply ACTA’s Code of Best Practices to the maximum extent that is objectively consistent with their business type (traditional storefront/office, host agency, online travel agency (OTA), or otherwise).

In this regard, ACTA Members agree that wherever appropriate they will comply with the following Code of Best Practices.

  1. Accuracy. ACTA members will make every effort to ensure that accurate information is provided to enable their clients to exercise an informed judgment in making their choice of travel services. ACTA members will ensure that the documents relating to the travel reservations made by the client through the agency are checked and delivered in a timely manner and in adherence to provincial requirements.
  2. Disclosure. ACTA members will: i) provide clients with generalized information with regard to passports and visas for the journey that they are booking and recommend that they seek the advice of a visa professional or a legal advisor in respect of any personal circumstances or questions that they may have regarding their journey; ii) refer clients to resources provided by the Canadian government relating to health requirements or risks of travel outside of Canada and recommend that they consult with a medical professional for any questions or advice relating to their personal circumstances; iii) recommend that clients take travel insurance to cover medical, cancellation, interruption and other mishaps that may occur prior to or during their journey and, if so requested, make available the details of the travel insurance offered by the travel agency and in accordance to provincial regulations; iv) advise clients, at the time of booking, that additional supplier and agency charges or fees may become payable in respect of service requests made after booking and that cancellation fees and penalties may become applicable in the event of the client cancelling any reservation made by the client. In addition, the terms and conditions of the main suppliers will be made available to clients before booking; v) disclose in advance of counselling the existence of any service charges to be assessed to the client by the  agency in respect of such counselling.
  3. Responsiveness. ACTA members will respond promptly to consumer complaints, seek support, resources, and use best endeavors to resolve complaints effectively and efficiently. They shall seek to engage independent legal counsel when required.
  4. Accountability. ACTA members will notify the relevant supplier as soon as possible upon notification by a client that they wish to cancel a reservation for accommodation or other services.
  5. Competency. ACTA Members will make appropriate training available to their employees or independent travel agents engaged in the sale of travel services to the public or as may be required to meet provisions of any applicable regulatory requirements relating to training or continuing education.
  6. Compliance. ACTA members will comply in all respects with ACTA’s Code of Ethics.